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Padrón is a stopover and a destination. We are located on several routes of the Way of St. James, and we are also a destination: the end of one of the oldest routes, namely the Way of St. James from Santiago to Padrón, called the Route of A Pedronía. From ancient times, pilgrims have travelled along this route to discover the place where the boat bringing the Apostle James’ mortal remains arrived #PadrónXacobeo.

We are also internationally renowned thanks to our Herbón peppers; but we have many more delicacies, such as lamprey and other innovative products that have created the Padrón brand –we are gastronomy! Padrón is a regional shopping centre thanks to our traditional “Praza de Abastos” (Food Market) and our local shops, where you can find everything you need #GastronomicPadrón 

And we are literature! #LiteraryPadrón We have a long, historical literary tradition; we are the cradle of writers such as Rosalía de Castro or the Nobel Prize-winner José Cela. And nature! #NaturalPadrón We have an artistic botanical garden considered one of the oldest in Spain, right in the town centre. And in the surroundings, you will find secluded spots where you can go for a stroll, enjoy a break, relax… or watch the sunset at the place where the Sar and Ulla rivers meet.

More reasons for visiting Padrón? There are festivals every month! We are life! Throughout the year, we organise events, fairs, shows for all ages, competitions… see our #Entertainmentguide.

And to finish off, we are also nice, genuine, down-to-earth people…

For all of these reasons… Padrón IS a stopover and a destination. Come and discover us!

Padrón Turismo