Literary Padrón

In Padrón,WE ARE #Literature… In this section, we will acquaint you with Padrón’s authors: Rosalía de Castro, Camilo José Cela, Macías o Namorado, but there are more… Discover them! #PadrónLiterario

Padrón is a town with a historical literary tradition that goes back a long way, being the cradle of such outstanding authors as Macías o Namorado, a medieval troubadour (13th-14th c.), Juan Rodríguez de la Cámara or Juan Rodríguez de Padrón (1390-1450), the universal poetess Rosalía de Castro (1837–1885), Nicasio Pajares Ojeros (1881-1956), Manuel Vázquez Castro, known as“Manuel Barros” (1844–1888), or Camilo José Cela (1916–2002), who won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

During the month of May, Padrón Town Hall, with the support of the main local cultural entities, organises “Padrón Literario,” a festival promoting Padrón literature that features a wide range of activities for all ages, especially children. Workshops, presentations, recitals or literary competitions are just some of the festival’s events that attract more and more people every year.

Padrón Town Council organises several literature competitions and prizes throughout the year.