Sunday Market


​Padrón’s market is one of the most popular and busiest in Galicia. Its fame attracts, every Sunday, thousands of visitors of all ages, even from other regions, some accompanied by relatives or friends, and others in sightseeing groups.

This traditional market has existed since time immemorial. In the Middle Ages, it was already considered one of the most important in Galicia, being centred mainly on the sale of cattle and other goods.

Today, Padrón’s market stands out due to the great variety of products on offer. Here we can find textile articles, footwear, accessories, a large variety of food products such as seasonal fruit and vegetables, cheese, cold meat, liqueurs, as well as all kinds of farming tools, furniture and other curious items.

Another great attraction of Padrón’s market is “polbo á feira” (Galician-style octopus). The octopus stands and their tempting aroma tell us that it is time for a bite: octopus, barbecued meat, vermouth, wine and coffee. What more can you ask for?

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