Portuguese Way

The Portuguese Way of St. James is one of the most popular, attracting thousands of pilgrims each year. It starts in Lisbon, Portugal. Most people join the route at Porto, Portugal, and Tui, Pontevedra. Apart from the traditional itinerary, there is an alternative coastal route that runs through the municipalities of A Guarda, Baiona, Nigrán and Vigo.

Padrón marks the beginning of the penultimate stage of the Portuguese Way. At this especially symbolic location, traditionally considered the place where the Apostle’s body arrived in Galicia, it is easy to see dozens of pilgrims travelling through the town and its surroundings every day. Padrón Town Council features a wide range of accommodation and tourist services to cater to this type of visitor. In addition to the Municipal Pilgrim Hostel, there are also several private hostels as well as other types of establishment (hotels, boarding houses, holiday homes and Rural Tourism establishments).

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After completing this stage, we recommend that you attend the mass and blessing that is held for pilgrims in the Convent of  Herbón, normally at 8 pm (consult times). You can see it in the following video:


Camiño de Santiago en Padrón