Santiaguiño do Monte Pilgrimage

A traditional pilgrimage that is held on July 24 and 25, being closely linked to the Way of St. James tradition and the Apostle James. It is held in the surroundings of a chapel of the same name and on some crags, which, according to tradition, was where the Apostle James preached to the local inhabitants. It is a unique setting to spend a few days as a family, enjoying the bagpipe players, “big heads” and grilled sardines accompanied by sausage buns and cornbread. It is worth mentioning thevery popular Asnal Derby that is held on the afternoon of July 24. There is also Pilgrim Day, which pays tribute to the tireless walkers that have left their mark on Padrón over the centuries.

TYPE: Religious festivity

DATE: July 24 and 25

TIME: All day

VENUE: Padrón (Santiago)