San Xoan do Raio (Festival)

The origin of this festivity dates from the year 1613. At that time, a lightning bolt struck the Church of Santa María a Mayor de Iria Flavia during Sunday mass. The incident only caused some material damage, destroying one of the old collegiate church’s towers, but did not harm any of those present. The festivity began to be held at the initiative of the Iria Chapter, coinciding with the time when, in Santiago de Compostela, other miracles were being commemorated in connection with different saints protecting people and religious buildings from lightning or earthquakes. This tradition, which combines religious and secular celebrations, has been kept alive for all these years.

TYPE: Religious festivity

DATE: May 6

TIME: From 11:00 until 20:00 h.

VENUE: Padrón (Santiago)

The Municipality of Padrón’s patron saint, whose feast day is May 6.

The festivity features a programme of activities for all pensioners and over-60s in the Municipality of Padrón, including a sung mass in honour of the patron saint (“San Xoán do Raio”), music and theatre activities in the streets, Praza de Macías or Municipal Auditorium, as well as a fellowship lunch for this group.