Igrexa de Santa María a Maior de Iria Flavia – Antiga Colexiata

Igrexa de Iria Flavia

Former Episcopal See. The Church of Santa María a Maior de Iria Flavia is one of the oldest churches in Galicia and considered the first Marion one in the world.

Santa María de Iria goes back to Roman times, although the exact date on which the original church was erected is uncertain.

The first documentary proof of Iria Flavia as an episcopal see dates from the 6th c.

The bishopric of Iria played an essential role in the discovery of the Apostle’s tomb. It was Bishop Teodomiro who reported the discovery in the year 820, linking the Jacobean tradition with this church forever more.

A heritage attraction featured in the Rosalía de Castro Route



Easily accesible, on foot and by car


GROUPS can contact the parish to visit the temple at alternative times.

Visiting times could be interrupted by any liturgical celebration

Price: free

Santa María - Iria Flavia
15917 Padrón, A Coruña

981 810 350

GPS: 42.745901, -8.655071675562

Additional information

Mass hours:
Saturday: 06:30 pm
Sunday: 11:30 am

The latest restoration was carried out in the 18th century
Última reforma del s. XVIII