Monumento a Rosalía de Castro

Rosalía de Castro

A monument to Rosalía de Castro (Conxo, 1837 – Padrón, 1885). It was donated by Padrón residents living in Uruguay, led by Ignacio Landeira Formoso and under the auspices of the Padrón doctor José Sebe Méndez. The unveiling was carried out by the Cardinal of Santiago de Compostela, Quiroga Palacios.

After midday mass, three commemorative plaques were unveiled in honour of other Padrón authors, located on the houses where they were born: Manuel Barros (in A  Trabanca, 47 Rúa do Carme 47), Agapito  Nicasio  Pajares  Ojeros (in A Trabanca, Rúa Santiago) and Camilo José Cela (in Iria Flavia). These unveilings were carried out by the poet Ramón Otero Pedraio.



Easily accessible, on foot

Paseo do Espolón, s/n
15900 Padrón, A Coruña

GPS: 42.73886962, -8.66162719

Additional information

Year of construction: April 23, 1957 (Easter Monday)

A heritage attraction featured in the Rosalía de Castro Route